The Monthly Miscellany: September


Monthly Learning Topic: Iceland
My two-year wedding anniversary is coming up and planning for our deferred honeymoon (planned for summer 2018) is getting more focused. Iceland will be the first stop on our journey across the pond and I’m eager to start learning everything I can about Iceland, including where I can find the best versions of Icelandic yogurt/skyr, which I love, and may be a vegetarian’s only chance to try the native cuisine.

Professional Development Books: Visible Leaners – Krechevsky et. al (2013) and, I’m sure, some of the textbooks for the first class in a proficiency-based education certificate program that I’ve decided to add to my plate.

Teaching Focus: Implementing math talks and creating low-floor, high-ceiling math tasks

Fiction Reads: Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave, Seeing by José Saramago, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Cafe – Fannie Flagg, and starting Vanity Fair by William Thackery

Non-fiction Reads: Teacher Man by Frank McCourt (I didn’t get to this last month) and Teaching with Conscience in an Imperfect World by Bill Ayers

New Recipes to Try:
Last month’s PB breakfast bars were transformative! I make them every week now.
This month, we’ll be starting an apple CSA from a local farm, so it’s apples, apples, apples in the recipe queue.

Apple Almond Quinoa
Apple Pie Layer Cake
Apple Cinnamon Mini Monkey Breads

Wellness Goal:
Getting to bed at a reasonably-consistent time each weeknight.

Monthly Adventure:
Camping and hiking in Acadia National Park!


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